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LIQUID chlorophyll

🍃 LIQUID chlorophyll 🍃
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🍃 liquid chlorophyll 
🍃 has a number of positive properties. 

🌱 This can be understood by all mammals, which at the time you feel unwell immediately sit down on the green diet. The medicinal properties of green plants have been known since antiquity.They are known to contain certain chlorophyll, which plays an important role of plant life.Modern scholars have called chlorophyll green pigment of plants, due to which they capture solar energy and carry out photosynthesis. 

🌱 between chlorophyll and hemoglobin was found surprising similarities.The only difference may be called a chelate complex in which the magnesium atom.Hemoglobin also contains iron.Chlorophyll provides the body with oxygen and nitrogen accelerates the exchange, which is very similar to the function of hemoglobin.Also, it tends to strengthen the cell membrane and form a connective tissue which is very useful in the development of open wounds, ulcers or erosions.In addition to the above, the chlorophyll increases immunity, accelerates phagocytosis, displays the body of harmful substances.According to many researchers, chlorophyll does not turn healthy cells into cancer cells. 

🌱 As part of chlorophyll contains K, so it can be successfully used to prevent kidney stones disease, because it can not be formed in the urine of calcium oxalate crystals.It can be consumed as a weak diuretic. Chlorophyll improves pancreatic and thyroid system, eliminates bad breath, normalizes blood pressure, has a calming effect, successfully helps in the treatment of anemia contributes to the good work of the intestine.Chlorophyll a special need people who are a little in the sun.This applies to both office workers and residents of big cities.Chlorophyll from NSP was prepared from alfalfa, it is called chlorophyllins.It can be used as an addendum to the food used for irrigation in various diseases and rinse them under the nasopharynx of ENT diseases.

The main function of chlorophyll: 
✔ eliminates bad breath, body odor, menstrual flow, as well as sweat, garlic, cigarettes and stale urine; 
✔ increases hemoglobin;
✔ removes gum disease and tooth decay, if you use it in the form of lotions; 
✔ used as the activated carbon adsorbs and poisons; 
✔ cinteziruet blood cells;
✔ helps in the treatment of dysbiosis;
✔ struggling with radiation injury; 
✔ restores the state after the operation, also applies to operations;
✔ improves the functioning of enzymes; 
✔ exerts positive effects on various diseases of the kidney and cardiovascular system;
✔ eliminates allergies; 
✔ thanks to the development of interferon and increased phagocytosis, increases immunity;
✔ reduces the acidity of the stomach; 
✔ helps support the body during chemotherapy or radiotherapy; 
✔ helps form a healthy intestinal flora; 
✔ applied with chronic fatigue, migraines and frequent headaches; 
✔ fights bacteria in wounds and in the intestine; 
✔ useful as apohmelina; 
✔ counteracts toxins, removes excess synthetic drugs and metals, deactivate many carcinogens; 
✔ helps with colds, gingivitis, gastric ulcers, arthritis, Pioro, intestinal ulcers, inflammatory processes, all skin inflammation, pancreatitis; 
✔ restores tissue; 
✔ enhances the appearance of milk in females at the stage of feeding; 
✔ prevents pathologically degenerate DNA; 
✔ normalizes intestinal motility.Application in practice: ➖ Gynecology 
✔ successfully used in diseases of cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases; 
✔ improves well-being in the critical days; 
✔ reduces early toxemia of pregnancy, because rapidly excreted from the body of harmful substances;
✔ helps to increase the amount of milk after childbirth; 
✔ applied with intrauterine growth retardation and fetal hypoxia; 
✔ when teething gums can be lubricated; 
✔ reduces menstrual pain; 
✔ improves the immune system that is good for the child's birth; 
✔ removes heartburn even in the later stages; 
✔ helps in premature aging of the placenta.

ENT disease 

✅ When angina is very useful to use Chlorophyll together with colloidal silver. Such a solution can gargle. Tonsils can be insoluble colloidal silver; 
✅ When stomatitis is recommended to rinse the affected area of ​​chlorophyll, diluted with warm water; 
✅ Herpes can be applied applications of chlorophyll. You can also use tea tree, Tei-Fu or lip balm;
✅ with otitis buried ears;
✅ When sinusitis nose is washed with a solution of chlorophyll and colloidal silver. It is also recommended to connect Echinacea.

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