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Products in the European Union

Products in the European Union

NSP company cares about the quality, purity and potency of each product - each product packaging you get the quality, efficiency and care about your health!


Discount card NSP allows all residents of the list below to purchase any of the EU countries represented in their market products with 42% discount. In this case, the system will operate online ordering and prepayment followed dostavkoyBAD, cosmetics and cleaning concentrate on the desired NSP countries and cities. Also for registration discount will need to order one of the options business package, more about below.

Besides being able to enjoy our indoor multimedia section (See above.), If you speak English, you can take advantage of special partner sites - Academy of NSP, which will further enhance your ability to correct development of your international business with us and by NSP.

If you prefer to study in Russian - offers free webinars (online conference) by products and business with NSP, regularly held our active business partners and available to you on the internet from any country.Carefully read further detailed instructions on registration discount NSP in the European Union, and follow the instructions.Look at the list of EU countries where the company operates NSP. If some countries not listed in the list below, then the company is not working at the moment on the market.

NSP Austria AustriaNSP Belgium BelgiumNSP Bulgaria BulgariaNSP Cyprus CyprusNSP Czech Republic Czech RepublicNSP England United Kingdom / EnglandNSP Estonia EstoniaNSP France FranceNSP Germany GermanyNSP Greece (incl. The Greek Island) GreeceNSP Hungary HungaryNSP Ireland IrelandNSP Italy (incl. Sicily & Sardinia) ItalyNSP Latvia LatviaNSP Lithuania LithuaniaNSP Malta MaltaNSP Netherlands NetherlandsNSP Poland PolandNSP Portugal PortugalNSP Romania RomaniaNSP Slovakia SlovakiaNSP Slovenia SloveniaNSP Spain (incl. Balearic Islands) Spain

So, if you find you are interested in the country in the above list, go to the website:


thus hitting the home page, click on the Languageand you want us to vyberaem language of the proposed site, for example, German or English.On this page, we see a lot of different links, including the products and business.Next, click on the link "Become a consultant" and offers the opportunity to get to know or just go to the link: This opens a page where you will start to fill in the required (marked with an asterisk) of the field (all in English):


Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, Province / Region (if not the UK, we choose not to the United Kingdom), and the UK will need to specify the county; Postal code Country;Your spoken language (select);If the address to which we will need to deliver products differs from already filled, then enter it here: "Click here to add an alternate delivery address." And then click "Continue"If all the fields marked * have been filled, a new page where you will enter the following:Home Phone, Mobile (strongly recommended it necessarily indicate when it will come from the company's SMS-ki with news about promotions, etc.); E-mail, Repeat e-mail

Further there are other non-mandatory, but possible data and those that can be filled in later, for example, bank details, which later will come remuneration from the company for those who want to do business, and not just be a consumer.

Here you can enter into a contract of another member of his family.

One family living at the same address, allowed only one contract!

After clicking "continue" get to the next page, where you will choose the option of signing the agreement:In an embodiment, "without information package" agreement will be activated only when purchasing products. Option "business Kid" suggests an information pack and a set of products for daily use by 80 points, which will cost 50 pounds (about 65 euros. The third option - a business Kid without production cost of 15 pounds. It is strongly recommended vyberat version of "business Kid with the products. "What's in business Kid can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link next to the package.

Shipping cost NSP products to the EU countries vary, for example, shipping to Germany costs 17.50 euros in Bulgaria - 32.5 euros. This and other background information on the date of delivery, the composition of the product, its kosher, etc. is on the site:


 After selecting the package then click on "continue.".Next you need to specify how you came to this site, ie, in this case, select "on the recommendation of a partner."

 Country Russia
 Affiliate ID: 3376277

Next you need to tick all the rules of NSP, pre-acquainted with them. After click on the link, fill confirming agreement and get to the page where the company reports that it has to accept your application for an agreement for consideration.After that we will be asked to create your website. However, I recommend beginners not to rush into creating a site, not to be mistaken with the choice of name for it successful because it will affect the later development of the business through the Internet. This site will be easy to create later, a little getting used to the NSP